At the outset, I’ll explain what is a root canal? A root canal is a type of canal that goes down in the root of the teeth, or just to put it in simple words, root canal can be defined as a space present inside the root of the teeth. It consists of the blood vessels and nerves situated inside the tooth. Root canal is also referred to as the surgery or treatment to remove oral germs and diseases and further cleaning, filling and then securing the rest of the part of the teeth.

There are many instances where people get terrified even at the slightest pain in their teeth and directly opt for dental treatments which also includes the root canal. But, let me explain you, that it is not always necessary to go in for such expensive treatments. While thinking of any treatment or surgery, look out for some characteristic symptoms and only then decide whether a full fledged surgery is required or not. So, read on to know more about those appropriate root canal symptoms that really call for a root canal surgery.

Causes of Root Canal
I would like you to know some of the important causes of root canal infections before moving onto the root canal symptoms.

The most common cause of a root canal infection is tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when a person fails to take proper care of his tooth by not following the basic dental care. Accidents that have caused serious tooth damages are also the common reason of root canal infection. People who have met with an accident during their childhood or have been hit very badly on the tooth can develop tooth decay in adulthood. Another very important cause of root canal is tooth fracture. Tooth fracture is a severe damage to tooth, which can happen while chewing hard foods or chewing ice.

Symptoms of Root Canal
Necessity of a root canal arises when a person is showing any of the following symptoms.

This is the most common symptom that a person shows. Toothache experienced while chewing food or while drinking very cold or very hot drinks, needs medical attention. Moreover, experiences of toothache even on touching need to be treated with a proper root canal treatment.

Sometimes, teeth start losing their color, which can also be said to be a sign of a root canal. However, make sure that with this symptom it is exactly the root canal that is facing a problem. As sometimes, factors such as aging or tobacco consumption (smoking or chewing tobacco ) are also responsible for the teeth discoloration.

Night Disturbances
Toothache, goes up to such an extent that it may trouble the person even in his sleep. Toothache can often wake up the person, resulting into frequent sleep disturbances. In such cases, it is better to consult a dentist for a root canal treatment.

Swelling of Gums
Many a times, swelling of gums occurs. Many a times, this swelling resembles a pimple and when pressed releases pus or blood.

Stimulating Pain
On some occasions, pain begins in one teeth but then it is stimulated in some other organs of the body, mostly ear and head. The back tooth is very much near to the ear. Therefore, suppose there is pain in the back tooth of the left side, then it might stimulate pain in the left ear, resulting in ear problems such as ear ache!

Hopefully, this article on root canal will help you in detecting root canal symptoms and signs. However, if you notice such symptoms, do not conclude that you have a root canal problem Rather, see a dentist and find out the exact reason, as well as a proper treatment that will relieve you of the pain. The dentist would also provide you with some tips on maintaining dental health and hygiene to keep those teeth, pearly white and shining.